ADAVIDA - Associação dos Deficientes Auditivos-Visuais e Deficientes Auditivos

Commitment to inclusion

Commitment to Inclusion

What are our Specialties?

Sign language

Complete Libras course, divided into three learning levels.

Inclusion is a fundamental process to guarantee equal opportunities and access to education, work and other activities in society. To promote this inclusion, there must be effective actions on the part of the government, educational institutions and companies, such as the provision of Libras interpreters, the adaptation of materials and environments for visual communication.

Occupational therapy

We promote people's well-being and independence through engagement in therapeutic activities, aiming to improve their functional, cognitive and emotional abilities.

Speech therapy

We help people with communication problems (expression and understanding) who may have difficulties in their social and professional integration.


Psychopedagogical therapy is an interdisciplinary approach that combines elements of psychology and pedagogy to understand and intervene in learning processes.

How can we help you?

Our approach



Personal behavior analysis

We help you realize the biggest challenges you are facing.

Clinical options

Together, we will collect and format all relevant data to process.


We delve deeply into the problems to address all the issues previously analyzed.


As mentioned before, understanding each person's general tendencies helps us offer the best option so that you can be included in the world of diversity and ready to do anything!

How will you benefit?

Investing in a Libras course expands inclusive communication and promotes understanding between deaf and hearing people.

Speech therapy can improve speech and hearing, providing more effective and confident communication.

Occupational therapy helps develop practical skills for a more independent and fulfilling daily life.

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Deivin Vasconcelos

Nice place. In addition to being a Libra school, they provide services to the deaf with a psychologist and speech therapist.

Ligia Maria Alonso Ferreira

Reputable and valuable institution. Competent professionals committed to the work carried out with patients, constantly improving.

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Elias Melo

A place of welcome and care, trained professionals capable of caring for others, more places with wonderful people who love what they do like this institution!


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